is for sale honors one of the greatest supercars to ever roll across this planet (at great speeds). The exclusive Canadian domain, is available for lease or purchase individually or as part of supercars (9) domain package. The domains are;,,,,,, and These domains provide an exotic, memorable Canadian domain addresses for enthusiasts, owners and marketing professionals. Buy or lease before it races off.

Accepting Offers

Domain Purchasing Considerations:


To develop your budget, calculate the total revenue of your company and potential revenue from it’s website. Then evaluate. For example; if you have $1m a year revenue you could easily pay $10 k + for your domain name. Domains are purchased from $10 to $10 M (and more) so set your budget accordingly.


Original domains, especially sensible, actual word domain names are available in diminishing supply. The domain you want may not be for sale so keep your options open. The more time you have to search, the broader the possibilities but keep in mind that the supply of domains is constantly shrinking and the more they do the more their values will rise.


Do not select a website that is offensive. Select a domain name that represents your company’s products and services.


If at all possible, select a domain name that is memorable, catchy or stands out.

Length, special characters:

Avoid domains containing a hyphen or numbers. In most situations, you should purchase a domain that is as short as possible. Real words are the most valuable.

Domains North is a specialty domain dealer/broker located in Gibsons, BC, just outside of Vancouver. Our company actively acquires new domains and we may buy yours or take it in trade. If you require any assistance locating an appropriate domain, please send us an email with your requirements. We will be glad to assist you in your acquisition or answer any questions you have. Most premium domains for sale on may also be leased or purchased over time. For further information please send us an email with the form on the right side of each page. Our staff will be glad to assist.